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Greetings, Abide family. Many of you have visited our store, New Life Thrift Shop. You know what a great job our manager, Lynn Szelock, does there. Albeit small, it’s an organized and inviting space thanks to the hard work of Lynn and her staff. 

Their ability to create a comfortable place is second only to their ability to love on the people who enter. Maternity home residents who work at the shop are nurtured, equipped, encouraged. Staff and volunteers are focused on bringing the light of Christ to customers and our program mamas.

And a true bright spot in the endeavor is you, the donor. Lynn has expressed our gratitude here:

Love and Hope

May I just say up front that we love our donors? While a few give out of their abundance, which is exciting, many give sacrificially – a handful at a time as they can, which is heartwarming and sweet. Every week we meet folks who tell us what a wonderful thing we are doing, helping moms and babies through Abide Maternity Home, and they want to help, too.

In fact, God is doing the work and we are along for the ride. Lives are being changed – Anna House residents, clients, and community. Women are learning that they are of great worth to a great God, and that they are loved beyond measure. The community has embraced this cause in such a beautiful way, in part, I believe, because so many have experienced unexpected pregnancy coupled with poverty, homelessness or desertion, or have a loved one who has.

Our customers frequently inspire us, too. Not long ago we met a woman from out of town who, when I told her what we do, shared that as a teen in the 1970s she found herself pregnant and “was sent” to a maternity home. The experience was difficult for her, and she was not given the choice to keep and raise her baby. While she was safe there, she was not loved and encouraged, but felt alone and judged. This woman congratulated us on our work, and she promised to shop with us again when she comes to town.

Abide offers love and hope, and your support – people of Verde Valley and beyond – encourages us to press on. Thank you!

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