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Are you one who is energized by change, or do you prefer to keep the status quo? We’ve been working away at our own transitions in the office lately, and it’s got me thinking about how some changes are exciting and invigorating.

Others are destabilizing and terrifying.

We met Debbie this week to talk about the changes she faces very soon when she will be released from jail. The thoughts occupying her mind are:

Where will I live?

Will I be able to get settled before my baby arrives?

How will I support myself and my baby?

Can I maintain sobriety?

What will I do for support and accountability?

On the very same day, we met Paula. She’s in need of housing for her and her three-week-old baby. She wrestles with things like:

What can I do to stay off the streets?

How can I protect my baby?

Can I be a good parent even if I’ve never seen it modeled for me?

How do I manage the anger I have because of what I’ve experienced in life?

Does anyone care?

We have changes coming within Abide – transitions – and we’ll be giving you all the details in a week or so. We are facing many questions, and we know the Lord has all the answers.

But the transitions and questions we face are so different from the ones facing women like Debbie and Paula. Please join us in praying for these ladies and many others like them, and thank you for what you do to step into this work on their behalf. Your support makes a difference for the women, their children, and your community.

Keep watch… transition details are coming soon!



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