Thank you so much for keeping our mama of twins in prayer all these weeks.  Prayer makes all the difference, right?  I should say, God makes all the difference!

Two beautiful, healthy baby boys were born a few days ago and are now at home with their new parents and older brother.  

It was such an amazing experience to witness this all happen.  If you’re not aware already, let me tell you that we have an incredible asset in the maternity department at Verde Valley Medical Center.  Their care and wisdom and sensitivity throughout the process of labor, delivery, and adapting to the adoption situation was truly remarkable.

Of course, the central hero of the story is our birth mom who has not only chosen to protect the lives of these boys, but has also placed them into the loving arms of their adoptive family.  

We, along with many others, praise God for her – and I know a certain young family who will be forever grateful every time they gaze into the big brown eyes of their two new sons.

“God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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