Because of Abide, I have a new hope, a new beginning, and a new family.
Because of you Abide, I’m ready to be a father.
Because of Abide, I know love, sweet grace, and forgiveness.
Being part of Abide has changed my family’s future because now we have a future. If I had never come here and never accepted God as my Savior I don’t know where I would be.
Coming to Abide gave me the opportunity to get away from all my old stuff.
I was continuously running into dead ends. I think if I hadn’t come to Abide I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be the mom that I am now.
Before I came to Anna House I was an addict and I was living in my car.
The volunteers are like family. They’re like grandmas who love us and are excited to be there and to see her.
We first came to the resource center just because we were beginning the adoption process. We just needed help getting ready for what that means.
Before, my life was day to day. It was kind of hopeless - and my life now is filled with a never ending hope that I can take with me anywhere.
Being part of Abide Maternity Home has changed my future.