Hello And Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year!​ No doubt, some of you have been a single parent or were raised by a single parent. I was raised by a single mom and have great respect for those who work hard to do...Continued


This week, we can celebrate together the addition of a new sister in Christ to the family. After much talking and a few tears, a new client has given her life to the Lord. What a miracle! Behind that appointed moment...Continued

Behind-The-Scenes Happenings

Good Morning! If you've been keeping up with us for any length of time, you may have noticed that our newsletters are almost always about our clients. About what they're facing. About how they're doing. About how your part in...Continued

2015 Abortion Report

Greetings!A lot has been happening here at Abide.  We had a fantastic turnout for our first annual celebration banquet and raised enough support for phase one of the remodel on our new maternity home.That’s the other exciting news.  Our offer...Continued

Moving Ahead

God is faithful!   Our prayers have been answered, our offer has been accepted, and we are moving ahead with the purchase of a church property for use as our maternity home.  Some of you have already had a tour,...Continued