2015 Abortion Report

Greetings!A lot has been happening here at Abide.  We had a fantastic turnout for our first annual celebration banquet and raised enough support for phase one of the remodel on our new maternity home.That’s the other exciting news.  Our offer...Continued

So We Wait…

We've been very grateful to have many of you praying for us and with us about some needs and developments.  I'd like to give you a little update. It seems as though the name of the game at this point...Continued

Do We Really Need a Maternity Home?

Greetings! There aren't really homeless pregnant women in this area, are there?  Do we even need a maternity home here?For most of us, it's hard to truly imagine what homelessness would be like because we're completely removed from that potential reality.  Personally, even...Continued