You are the bright spot in this endeavor!

Greetings, Abide family. Many of you have visited our store, New Life Thrift Shop. You know what a great job our manager, Lynn Szelock, does there. Albeit small, it’s an organized and inviting space thanks to the hard work of Lynn...Continued

Anna House is OPEN!

Hello wonderful Abide family, You've probably heard the word around town or seen on Facebook or Instagram that Anna House has officially opened! Two mamas have moved in and are already working hard getting started with the program. All is...Continued

Time for Transition!

Are you one who is energized by change, or do you prefer to keep the status quo? We've been working away at our own transitions in the office lately, and it's got me thinking about how some changes are exciting...Continued

New Life Thrift Shop

Remember not very long ago when we were waiting and praying for just the right property to give hope and help to homeless pregnant women? Well, those prayers have been answered – and big! As you’ve seen with our posts,...Continued