It’s Good to Have Friends!

 It's so very good to have friends!  This morning I awoke to a text that said, "Let's go for a walk in half an hour."  We walked and talked.  And talked.  Somewhere during the third mile I realized how much I...Continued

Surrendering the Secret

Greetings!  "I've never told anyone before."I can't tell you how many times I've heard a woman make that statement, through tears, as she confesses a past abortion.  Often, more than one.  She wears the pain and guilt on her face. ...Continued

A New Mom’s Group!

A New Mom's Group! Greetings!  In our last note, Kelly shared about a client whose stated need was for fellowship.  I don't know about you, but I found that to be a profound declaration from a young mama who must...Continued

Looking for Friendship

Greetings!  Her beautiful eyes brimmed with tears, a sadness filled her face. It was a simple question. “What do you hope to gain from our program?” Her answer was just as simple, “I long for fellowship.” Her answer was raw and...Continued