We’ve been very grateful to have many of you praying for us and with us about some needs and developments.  I’d like to give you a little update.

It seems as though the name of the game at this point is: wait.

Not very exciting or glamorous of a word, is it?  … wait.

Our wonderful mama of twins is experiencing the meaning of “wait” as she’s been in and out of the maternity floor of the hospital lately.  At 34 weeks, it’s too early to deliver the babies – the longer they cook, the better!  So we wait.

Also, we wait for our maternity home to become a reality.  The good news is that all involved are excited about making this property deal, we have “pre-approved” our ideas with the Town of Camp Verde, and have building plans in-hand.  

We’re working hard to be patient as we wait for the spelling out of terms and signing of legal documents.

Patience isn’t easy, especially when we have pressing needs.  It’s so hard to turn women away because we don’t have a home yet, but we trust that God’s timing is perfect.  

We know from experience that He is faithful to provide, so we can rest and wait patiently.

Your prayers are effective – keep up the God work. 🙂

In Him,
Michele Evans

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