Are you aware that we have prayer warriors on task?  They’ve been hard at work for months now.  Perhaps you know one – or perhaps you are one!  

Abide Ministries is in the business of LIFE.  And life is what God is all about, don’t you think?  He’s the Creator of LIFE.  He’s the Giver of LIFE.  He’s the redeemer of your LIFE and my LIFE.  Jesus is the Way, Truth, and LIFE.  As we do our best to come alongside those in need in our community and bring His Life to people, we realize we’re on the front line of a spiritual battle.

The fruit of all my prayers, your prayers, our prayers is becoming evident already.  May I give an example?  We’ve been praying for the women who would come through the doors, and so when the first one walked in, we weren’t surprised to be overcome with love and compassion for her immediately.  The Lord had been at work for this particular woman (let’s call her Elizabeth) and her child for a month before we even met her.  You see, Elizabeth’s mother recently heard us speak at a local church about life and about abortion and about our need to protect our babies.

When Elizabeth went to Mom and said, “I’m pregnant and I’m going to have an abortion,” our talk about the sanctity of life was still fresh in Mom’s mind.  She replied, “No, you’re not going to do that to your baby.  I’m going to take you to see the girls at Abide instead.”  Sure enough, in they came.  

There are two heroes in this story: Mom, who stepped up and laid out the right path, and Elizabeth, who is now protecting the life of her baby and also giving a great gift to the family that will adopt her child in a few months.

Keep praying, loved ones!  God is faithful to answer.

Michele Evans

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