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Remember not very long ago when we were waiting and praying for just the right property to give hope and help to homeless pregnant women? Well, those prayers have been answered – and big!

As you’ve seen with our posts, remodel has begun on Anna House. It’s 3400 square feet on one acre and will have room for five mamas and their babies. We have a wonderful house mom hired and she is super excited to get things up and running.

When will that be, you may ask? Demolition is done, we’re waiting on permits, and then it should be a matter of about two months until doors open. 

In the meantime, doors ARE open at New Life Thrift Shop on Main Street in Camp Verde. Actually, the Grand Opening is happening right now and ends on Saturday. When you shop at the Grand Opening, you earn 20% off the next time you shop. Plus, there are cookies. And isn’t that enough to make you want to stop by?

Thank you for all the ways you support our community and those who need a hand up!

Thank you and God bless your day, 

Michele Evans, CEO 

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