It’s so very good to have friends!  This morning I awoke to a text that said, “Let’s go for a walk in half an hour.”  We walked and talked.  And talked.  Somewhere during the third mile I realized how much I needed that.

Then I recalled learning yesterday about how one of our mamas at Abide is going it pretty much alone.  During her last delivery (before we knew her), she had no visitors at the hospital.  This may not seem like a huge deal, but it is.  We all need friends who will be our support and encouragement.

When I think about the vast network of people God has placed into my life, I’m overwhelmed and humbled.  When I consider trying to do life without them, like our little Abide mama, my heart aches.  I wonder if it would feel like trying to get around hopping on one leg, and then seeking rest on a three-legged stool only to find it was missing one of its three legs?

You may remember an article Kelly wrote a while back about the young mom who, when asked to share her needs, replied, “I really need some fellowship.”

So, here we are.  The Lord has opened opportunities for relationships already through educational appointments with clients, as well as through our #momsMATTER Group.  We believe the Maternity Home will offer relationship-building times on an exponential level.  It’s happening!  I can’t even describe to you how exciting it is to see God at work like this.

Thank you for your part in this work.  If you’re interested in jumping in deeper with us, we invite you to give us a call.  There’s nothing like being His hands and feet, truly.

In Him,

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