Until last week, the new births we celebrated at Abide were all in the form of a pregnant client delivering her baby.  Good stuff, for sure!

Last week, we rejoiced over a different kind of new birth.  A better kind.

If you would have been sitting at Crusty’s and noticed two women in their booth reading the Bible, talking, crying, and then praying hand-in-hand, you would have witnessed a most wonderful event: spiritual birth.  

The very thing Christ came to do – reconcile all people to Himself.

After reading and discussing the Romans Road, 

       … that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s standard,

              … that we’ve earned death as a result, but God’s gift instead is eternal life through Christ, 

                     … that we simply confess with our mouth and believe in our heart the Lord Jesus, and

                            … that all who call on Him will be saved,

our very VERY pregnant client humbly and quietly bowed her head and committed her heart and life to Christ.

We’re so happy to announce this new sister into the fold.  Please pray for her as she now begins her new life of following Jesus.  You and I know that the road is long and sometimes hard, but we’re not alone as He has promised to never leave us.  

What a blessing to see Him at work and to see the beginning of her walk with Him!

In Christ,
Michele Evans

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