There aren’t really homeless pregnant women in this area, are there?  

Do we even need a maternity home here?

For most of us, it’s hard to truly imagine what homelessness would be like because we’re completely removed from that potential reality.  Personally, even though I hope to never be in such a destitute financial condition, I do know that there are people in my life who would help me with shelter or money in a pinch.

But for some, there are no resources to tap into in their situation.  

No money, no moral support, no hope.

How would you cope without your money AND without your people?

Samantha is a young mother who came to us this week in a panic.  She had all her belongings loaded into her car, her infant in tow, with nowhere to be.  Circumstances had conspired to leave her desperate to find a home for herself and her baby.

Rachel is the mom of a toddler and is pregnant currently.  Also homeless.

As you read this newsletter, both have been put up in hotel rooms.  

So yes, we do need Abide Maternity Home to become a reality!

Please pray with us – we see hope shining bright on the horizon.  There is property and a building in view, but there will be lots of work to do before we can open and begin ministering on an “in-patient” basis.

As you pray, if your heart is inclined toward pitching in on this project, we’d love to hear from you!  Perhaps you’d like to lend a hand (or a sledgehammer!)?  We’ll need construction help, from heavy-duty remodel to cosmetics and decorating.  

Perhaps you have expertise or resources relating to construction?  We’ll need help with electrical, plumbing, demolition, painting, flooring, landscaping, fire-sprinkler system, etc.  

Perhaps you have access to certain remodel-type items at a discounted rate?  Paint, flooring, commercial stove-hood, concrete, lumber, etc.?  You could be our new best friend!

God has done above and beyond our wildest expectations already – and we know He’s only just begun.  We’ll be keeping you updated, and don’t forget to reply to be on our list of helpers; it’s a blessing to be a blesser.  (Yes, I just made that word up. 🙂

In Him,
Michele Evans

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