Yesterday I had the most wonderful time snuggling with the twins at a baby shower given by their adoptive family.  They are one big happy family, that’s for sure, and are giving God all the glory for their two new miracles.

We played a trivia game about twins and adoption, heard their adoption story, and Patty and I were allowed the opportunity to talk about Abide and what we’re doing.  

One of the topics for the game was TAX CREDITS – which reminded me of interesting legislative changes that we need to share with you.  Last year, many of you supported us with a TAX CREDIT DONATION since we are a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the Working Poor.  The allowableDOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR CREDIT was $200 for single taxpayers and $400 for marrieds filing jointly, and the deadline to make the 2015 credit was December 31, 2015.

Good news!  Arizona has been blessed with updates to the legislation which now allow for a maximum TAX CREDIT donation of

$400 for single taxpayers 

             – and –

$800 for marrieds filing jointly!

PLUS – the deadline for a 2016 CREDIT is now April 15, 2017 (similar to the extended contribution date for IRAs).

Would you like to help pay for a roundabout in Phoenix, or a PRO-LIFE ministry in the Verde Valley?  

Click here to CLAIM YOUR CREDIT.  

Everyone who pays tax in the State of Arizona qualifies to give.

CREDITS are stackable, meaning you can donate to us AND Christian education AND public education.  Available credits total around $3,000 for marrieds filing jointly each year and can be carried forward for up to five years.  

Questions?  Call us!  We’d love to get together with you to explain further.

Thanks for reading and God bless you,
Michele Evans

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