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Good Morning!

If you’ve been keeping up with us for any length of time, you may have noticed that our newsletters are almost always about our clients.

About what they’re facing.

About how they’re doing.

About how your part in Abide is helping meet their needs.

Generally, we find them to be much more interesting than our behind-the-scenes happenings. Today, however, we want to share a couple exciting changes with you so you are up-to-date and fully informed.

#1 Congratulations to our Kelly Malcolm! Kelly has been with us for over a year and a half, doing all of our creative work (website, print materials, social media) and also keeping everything in order at the Pregnancy Resource Center (Jewel House). She is very committed, gifted, and faithful to “be Christ” to those we serve. Therefore, we have promoted Kelly to Center Director and asked her to officially handle all aspects of the Resource Center. We are blessed that she is willing.

#2 Welcome aboard, Lynn Szelock, who is our new manager at New Life Thrift Shop. Lynn brings much experience and expertise to the shop. Most exciting to us is Lynn’s heart for the ministry aspect of her role. For example, she will be able to offer invaluable job-training to the moms living at Anna House; skills they’ll be able to use to market themselves as they enter the job market.

#3 Settle in, Emily Dulas! Emily was hired in January to be our first Residence Manager at Anna House. While the house has been under remodel, Emily managed the thrift shop. Now, she will be fully focused on Anna House and the prep work necessary to welcome our first mamas into the program very soon. This is a great step and no one is more excited than Emily.

#4 Since the work at the Resource Center has increased, more space is needed. Simultaneously, the new work at Anna House will require extra hands. Therefore, Patty Zeid and I will be spending more time with Emily in the maternity home. Patty’s office will be permanently located at Anna House, and I will be there intermittently as I hop from Anna House to the Jewel House to the thrift shop. This will free up our current office space for Kelly and our most wonderful Volunteer Coordinator, Pam Spoo.

By the time you read this, we will be passing our final inspection on the remodel at Anna House (we have faith in you, Tierra Verde Builders!), and will be moving quickly toward welcoming mamas into the program. We have two of the four rooms already committed and three women interviewing for the remaining two spots.

Her mama is ready to dig in, work on herself, and change the direction of her life and her baby’s. YOU make that a possibility for them, through your generous support of Abide Maternity Home. Our hat’s off to you!



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