“Are we doing this?”

Almost ten months ago, three of us met to talk and pray about the idea of opening a maternity home in Camp Verde for pregnant women who had nowhere to be.  God had been nudging us relentlessly, breaking our hearts for women who need a safe place to complete their pregnancy and have a fresh start with their baby.

So on July 7th we had our first board meeting and decided to name the project Abide Maternity Home.  It came to be our little joke with each step completed, to say to each other, “Are we doing this?”

While we are very grateful for all God has done through Abide Pregnancy Resource Center, we push forward toward the goal of providing housing through Abide Maternity Home.  Anticipation is building for this next step.

Please pray with us, as we’re scheduled to meet the owner of a property of interest tomorrow.  We know that the prayers of the saints are powerful; would you help us by petitioning the Lord with us for open doors or closed doors as He wills?  For favor with the property owner?  For clarity and wisdom in considering this sizable project?  There is much Kingdom potential!

Surely the Lord knows the answer and will show us once again as we ask, 

“Are we doing this?” 

In Him,

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