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Sometimes it’s so hard to quantify what we do together with you, our family of support, to impact the lives of people in our community. Many months ago, I met with a wonderful lady whose niece was incarcerated in our local jail. Lena poured out her story of heartbreak for the niece (Karla) she loved and had helped raise. Karla’s mother and father were both drug addicts who left Karla to be tended to by grandparents and Lena. Karla had always felt deep abandonment as a child, and longed for that missing parental connection.

Understandably, Lena was desperate to find some help for Karla – especially since Karla was pregnant with her first baby. Emily (our house mom) and I visited Karla in jail to offer help and hope. We were able to encourage her in her faith and pray with her…then we lost touch.

Today, we received a beautiful card and want to share it with you to say THANK YOU for partnering with us to offer not only the major services of housing, food, transportation, education — but also the smallest bit of encouragement when it’s needed. Here are some of Lena’s words (names have been changed):

“Just a note to update you on my niece, Karla, who you visited on my behalf last year in the Camp Verde detention center. She has had a 7 lb. baby boy, Kevin Joseph. The ‘Joseph’ is after her grandfather who raised her (along with the grandmother who passed away last year). Karla’s father is now drug free and is living in Colorado and has been reconciled to Karla.

Her mother is now also drug free; Karla and her baby boy are living with her mother and stepfather – so thankful for that reconciliation – God is good and faithful!

The enclosed donation is for the home or wherever you need it to be a help to your ministry. Thank you again for your time and prayers for Karla.”

I hope this brings a smile to you today.

In Him,

Michele Evans

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