Early in 2015, God began to reveal the need for a maternity home in the Verde Valley to Patty, Michele, and Dr. Barb Waak. We began to meet with people to share the need and see what God would do. All doors were opened to us by God. The first pastor we approached offered us the building we initially used for our resource center. The second pastor took it to his board and made a lump sum donation and monthly commitment. The next church did likewise. A local business took it to their board and gave a generous donation plus a monthly commitment. This and more occurred within the first five months, before we had anything up-and-running.  All of this support continues to this day, with an increase in churches and many individuals.

Abide Maternity Home is a Christian organization offering love and practical support to pregnant women and parenting families. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, completely supported by churches, businesses and individuals of the community.