It’s update time!

Thank you for all your prayers about the property we have our eyes on.  We met with the owner and some experts to walk through the buildings on Wednesday.  Have you ever expected to have your questions answered, but ended up with more questions? 

I thought so, and that means you know exactly how we feel.  We had a wonderful and informative walk-through, and now we have a lot of work to do and most of that work at this point must be done on our knees.  Please continue to pray with us for God’s will and for favor in negotiations.  We’ll keep you posted.

Now for the Home for Baby Campaign totals…drum roll, please?  We collected 110 little green house banks with an assortment of coin, cash, and checks for a total raised of $4,153.  We’re so grateful for the generosity of you all – our community.  Plus, there are still banks trickling in, and even some going out to be re-filled.  

We love you all, and trust that God will continue to lead and guide…we can bank on it!  

Michele Evans

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